Thursday, January 5, 2012

GALZ; what is da latest hair style ? is it layerz?

Sorry...I only understand proper EnglishGALZ; what is da latest hair style ? is it layerz?
shorter hair is in now. atleast from what i've seen in the trends.GALZ; what is da latest hair style ? is it layerz?
... layers been around since we have...

...I think it's these new ';emo'; hairstyles...not all of them are ';out there';, some are really nice and sophisticated an angled bob with the front pieces longer and in a jet black color, or a two toned color...come to think of it some of these styles have been out...they just have a twist to them...

...if I had the heart to chop my hair off I'd get one...
I would imagine, lots of girls are cutting theirs, like that Posh thingie.
no me comprende!

En anglais s'il vous plait!
I think she means; 'Girls, any idea which hairstyle may be the hight of fashion for this season?' Are people still wearing layers?
yup- its pretty much long layers.

Layers look especially good with long full hair.

But also whats in is shorter hair with some layers and side bangs.

The only downside about the side bangs is that they are still bangs so they will take a while to grow out when you decide you are done with them.

Hope this helps!!
layers wiv high or low lights hun. if ur not sure just chec a cool mag! :)
no its layers with blonde highlights or brown highlights and swept back bangs go to ross the boss they do the best at all that stuff

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