Wednesday, January 11, 2012


ok so i have hair right above my shoulders and its just straight , im going to get a haircut in a week and a half what kind of style should i get.Haircut?%26gt;???
Layered, I suppose. Starting from your chin?

You could also get bangs, as you have straight hair, but I'm not sure if you want that look (it's quite popular now).Haircut?%26gt;???
okay. get it bobed cut to your chin and get side cut bangs.. cause dont be like really really diffenert but have your own style like the bob cut cause i used to have it and it was great... so you should try it:)

*well what ever you chose hope you like it*

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Look in magizines for hair styles you like then cut them out and ask your hair dresser what she thinks would look good on you she'll tell you and she can do it on your hair!
Use hairstyles software to find the perfect style for yourself
what do you want, something edgy, cute, normal...

Here is a website with tons of different styles and cuts
you should put more info like first of all your sex %26amp; then maybe your face shape and type of hair you have, like curly or straight.
I would layer it more. Get it cut with layers that go about up to you nose but keep most of the length.
i would just get a trim, and then grow it out. Long hair is MUCH easier to fix and you have a variety of hairstyles you can choose from also...
layers and bangs, just don't shave it bald.
The Britney
Well, are you a chic or a dude?? That might make a difference!
Layers with long side bangs if you have a long, oval face, if you have a round or square face, get a round or square cut.
well it just depends on ur face shape. for example: if u have a round face , u get ur hair soft and feathery so ask ur beautian.and some online beauty things can help u just look it up.

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