Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wat are the latest hair styles?

i have long layered hair and i need to either relayer it but i was thinking of cutting it soo how should my style be?is there a certain hair style in for spring? if you have pics that would be great if not then just describe.thnxWat are the latest hair styles?
Short sassy hair is showing back up just take a look at some of the runway models . One great look is the short bob and not your typical bob but a layered angled one are tappered in from the back. Some even give the appearance that it is long from the front but short from the back, even more dramatic with one side slightly longer than the other. I will tell you one thing the allot of haircuts need to be done when the hair is dry and falling in the way of your natural hair growth. Let me tell you there are way to many stylist that believe the only way to cut hair is wet. This is wrong we all know our hair does different things when it drys and both sides of your hair may need to be cut different lengths to appear the same when dry.

How many people do you see with hair that has chop marks and and are uneven. allot of this is due to wet hair cutting when at-least the final trimming needs to be done after the hair is dry and sometimes even after it has been styled.Wat are the latest hair styles?
Look up 80's hair styles


Uhh straight hair is IN!No idea why.

Also alot of people are just cuttin bits off their hair..

Long hair with bits of short

Different colors in your hair is apparently 'in'

I'd say chop it. that cute little bob is so in. with a long fringe maybe swept to the side gently? see, i had the whole vic beckham long at the front short at the back, and then i had the blunt fringe and the bob and then i got a huge chunk taken out of the back left side of my hair and shaved underneath it. if you've got the guts, you'll be surprised how many people dig the look. only if you've got the girly face to go with it, otherwise it can end up looking biker and rough.

but ithink you should just cut it all one length and just below your ears. looks amazing. especially on healthy hair.
for me the latest hair style is baldness, my hair has started falling out in a big way.

i know this doesnt help but i just thought i would share. good luck with your dew.
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