Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wat is da latest hair style for girls now a days.?

layered long silky hair is the best look ever...layers add up to the volume of yr hair makin it look thicker, which is a great look especially when hair is straightened. if yr hair is already short (to yr half neck, for instance) then the style now for you is the well-straightened hair parted from the!Wat is da latest hair style for girls now a days.?
layered, curled endsWat is da latest hair style for girls now a days.?
Layered and swept to the side usually.
layers, layers and more layers.

This is to get rid of that razored hair look and/or grow-out from the streaks that went out a year ago.
The Mohawk?? I d not know I cant keep up, try has caused me to loose hair. HA HA HA, just kidding.
straight hair and a little bit of red color.
I think just about anything goes as long as its clean. Never mind what is the latest, instead find something that you like and can maintain and that suites you, that's always ';in';.
It seams that the shorter cuts are the in thing right now. But that will change by summer. I have seen a lot of bobbs and shag cuts with layers. Get one of those hair mags so you can see who has what.
Shags long or short, parted in the middle or on the side.
curly is in. and if you have long curly or wavy hair, tie ur middle part of your hair
side swept shag
Low pigtails with a ';Poof';
probably any hairstyle with bold streaks is IN nowadays!!!
layers and high lights
i dont know i like long hair
flat twists, ornate cornrows, kinky twists, micro braids, invisible braids, sewn in extensions, bonded track extensions, low fades, cropped and wavy, mo hawk (natural or weaved)

girly jes do ur thing, keep it jazzy if u work where its accepted, and if not keep it sexy and befitting for your facial features.

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