Thursday, January 5, 2012

What are the latest hair styles for women?

I have shoulder length hair, it's thick and coarse and dark brown/almost black. I have a small face, although I use straighteners to straighten my hair it cover most of my face on the sides. It's also top heavy inspite of it being shorter on the top. Any suggestions for a hair style that wont make me look aged?

Many thanksWhat are the latest hair styles for women?
I think an inverted bob would look great or maybe something short and choppy.

this site is great and will help you pick the perfect cut and colour.What are the latest hair styles for women?
Well if your are african american like I am we usually get mohawks braided,twisted,or molded up.Or get spiral curls in your head or rods.Those are hott styles.
Long and wavy in a hippie,messy sorta way!
Pull the front back in bobby pins. Thats what I do. Side bangs are also in.
Keeo your hair the black an colour, as black and brown coloured hair is highly the fashion at the momemnt. Be

Because it is long i would suggest putting it up as a pony tail and adding a pretty diamente clip or bobble to the look. If your feeling adventurous, try making a flick in your fringe and pinning it on your head, the elvis presley look, a lot of girls do this.
You could pull half of you hair in the front up, or put it in a poof. Try letting your hair grow out since it is so thick.
straight hair is in, buns, shoulder down, any thing straight...but so is mullets so watch out, (dont get a mullet!).
Why not to consult professional hair stylists? You may do that online and for free in this website:
The best thing for u 2 do is go 2 a good hairdresssers. because without actually looking at ur hair its hard for me to actually say wot wud b a suitable style. bt the styles that ar in at the moment are the converted bob like victoria beckhams which is fashionable and sexy. if u dnt like that then ovious theres more styles u can choose from. with ya hair being hard 2 straighten have u eva tried GHD straightners. they are wicked i use them myself there are otha ones that are gd 2 that arnt as expensive.brt go and hav a consultation wiv a hairdresser and they will sort u out bt if u dnt like the sound of wot they are sayin dnt have it have sumfing u will like coz it on ur head. good luck xxxx

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