Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is the latest hair style for young girls?

hi i wanna know what hair style everyones gotWhat is the latest hair style for young girls?
full waxWhat is the latest hair style for young girls?
thanks that realy helps

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Short layers definetly-x-
i usually just tie my hair up in a pony tail. i think many girls today are growing up too fast and wearing adult clothing and having adult hair styles too
The Pat Butcher
victoria beckham style, short at back and long at front
The Kojak
To put your hair up in a pony tail and let it hang or be poofy
When i was younger i used to have a blunt bob cut but not i'd say a bowl cut bob is more flattering
well i cut my hair into layers and i have seen tons of preppies having layers and just straightening it just like my avatar except bringing the front to one side
alot of the popular girls at my school have long hair with shorter layers. they also have diagonal bangs across their forehead like Ashley Tisdale or side bangs...

for pictures of her go to
Brown straight hair with layers and a nice quiff put in aswell ! It looks soo cute x
My little sister has shoulder length hair with layers cut in and she also has clip in exstentions for when she goes out. Try a hairstyle thats easy to manage and can look different when you want it to. Maybe midlegth hair with longer layers so it can be worn straight, curly, up or down. Good Luck
Straight with layers
ive got straight mid length high lighted,layered and feathered!but would love to have curls or a shorter different lengthed cut,but too scared to try lol!checkout magazines or on the internet or look at celebs they always have cool cuts and styles thats who most young people copy off!hope ive helped,a bit!
A ponytail is what most young girls have.

Out on a special ocassion...most of them straighten their hair. Young girls absolutely have a ';thing'; with straight hair.

But, I think that the ponytail is classic and will never go out of style. Also, the hair should be cut in %26lt;b%26gt;layers%26lt;/b%26gt;. Short or long's your choice
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