Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is the latest hair style?

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BALDWhat is the latest hair style?
The hump in the front.. and out or bun in the back.
long black hair , nice
just came back from show in italy.

they have the 80's 'big hair' with teasing on the ends to make it look fuzzy. YUK!

personally , i like natural yet polished.
long straight hair is always in trend and more admirable.
funny cuz now i see a lot of girls with mullets especially the asians now, i have a mullet like hair but it jus looks layered. yeah i'd say the mullet and long layered hair.
My hair style is bards
Growing your hair for ';locks of love';
The mohawk, because of it's versatility. Feel like scaring the neighbors? Spike it up and color it green. Feeling a little lazy and limp? Jump comb it over to cover half your face. Its also a great way to expose some scalp for tatoos! It's great for warm weather and is making an unexpected arrival in fashion this spring. It goes well with a turtle-neck, or classic leather pants and chain accesories. You'll die over the 'soft punk' look of pink streaked limp mohawk with feather dangling ear-rings, facial glitter, and over-sized eyelashes. Make your boyfriends mom worry and be the first on your block to sport this new fashion break-out!
Long Black hair with hairband.
Forget about hair styles. Just shave it all off.

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