Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where can i check latest Hair Styles ?

I want to change my looks for which i would like to see which hairstyles are best for my face .. Is there any online gallery available ? I tried many websites but most are international sites and such hairstyles are not famous in India...Where can i check latest Hair Styles ?
There is an online application called Renew Magic Mirror on Godrej website . There you can upload you photograph and they have a gallery of hairstyles which you can choose and apply to your photo. Also you can choose various hair colours and see which colour suits you. Thus even before you visit the salon for any new haircut, you can get a preview of how you would look ...Where can i check latest Hair Styles ?
Definetly in the saloons only. what i feel is please try with a barber who is doing it at very first time( while do so take care of your ears)
use google image search

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