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How much does it cost to get a haircut in the Philippines?

In Philippine Peso please.

I'm getting a haircut there, I'm going to my homeland(Philippines) on June 4th! %26lt;33How much does it cost to get a haircut in the Philippines?
You could get a regular barber cut for about P50. If you want to look good you could go to a nice place like Bench Fix and get a haircut for about P250 (washed hair, haircut, and style).

If you want a top notch haircut then you could pay around P450 ($9) and get a celebrity type hairstyle with a wash, haircut and style. P450 is a lot cheaper than a regular barber cut ($15) in the US.

Of course a really great salon cut in the US will cost you $50 so P450 ($9) is a bargain in the Philippines compared to the US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How much does it cost to get a haircut in the Philippines?
Cheapest ones, from barbers or beauty salons along the streets will cost 30-50 pesos.

The high-end ones usually located in malls, like Ricky Reyes, will cost you 100-500 pesos. But this comes complete with shampoo, back, head or arm massages and sometimes even scalp treatment. In USA, this will cost you hundreds of dollars, with $20 on haircut alone.
It depends on where you want to have your haircut done.

There are shops who will only charge you Php50.

Most salons in the mall will charge you an average of Php300 - Php400. I had my haircut done by Bench Fix just last month and it cost me Php350.

In upscale salons, it will cost you around Php700. In 2007, I had my haircut done in Manila Peninsula's salon and it cost me Php750. They offered a refreshing drink though.

By the way, the norm is that aside from the haircut fee, you have to give them a tip as well.
I go to Bruno's Barbershop they charge it at 180.

Before I'm getting a haircut at news barbers and GQ they 100 and 90 respectively.

All of these btw, are in malls.
Php30 is the cheapest if you get a cut at the local barbershop. More expensive in brand-name salons, but of course you get more pampered. Ask if they have special discounts for students.
Depends where you're gonna get your haircut. Some, only 40php, other salons may charge you 100-200 for a haircut, but these salons are quite popular. There could be more expensive ones and cheaper ones.
40 pesos

around 150 - 200 pesos inside malls
About 200-300 hundred in most malls. I was a little freaked out by the head massage, I was not expecting it. You may like it.
It depends.

There are cheap salons, usually it cost Php 30 - 50 but if you go to salons like Ricky Reyes, Propaganda, Cielo and etc. it cost Php 100+ and up.
like $1.50
For men, the haircut costs Php 40.00 Im not sure about the women :D
if you go to like high end salon, about 500 pesos. my aunt has a salon i think she charge 45 pesos with style
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