Sunday, February 12, 2012

What does it mean to have layers in mans haircut?

I've searched heaps of hairstyle n they all say ...layers...

What does it mean? Like if I go to a hairdresser n tell them to cut layers what will they do?What does it mean to have layers in mans haircut?
cut it in a tiered style, the bottom will be the longest, and the top, shorter.What does it mean to have layers in mans haircut?
All layers means is that the hair in a certain section of the head is all cut the same length. In other words, a #whatever buzz cut is perfectly layered. Since all the hair is cut the same length, and if it is long enough to lay flat on the head, an almost infinite number of layers form. In contrast when the hair in a certain area of the head is cut different length so that when it lays flat on the head all the hair comes to the same end point, the hair in that area of the head is not layered. So if the bangs are combed down and cut off to fall just above the eyebrows, depending on how far back on the scalp the hair making up the bangs are rooted, the hair in the frontal section of the head will all be of different lengths, and therefore not layered.
for short hair, layers would refer to using the shaver.

different attachments for the trimmer range from 0-3 or 4....

for my dad, i use a 3 all over his head, then for the sides i use a 2...the area close to his ear down to his neck is a 2...then i trim the hairline with 0...

so its like a slight gradient for hair..
the top part of you hair will be shorter than the very bottom of your hair.. and it will gradually get longer and logner. its sorta hard to explain.

it makes your hair look fuller and have more thickness to it if your hair is thin.
type in the word ';choppu hairstyles for men'; it will show you basicly what layers are
see this page it as alot of layered hair examples
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