Saturday, February 11, 2012

What kind of haircut would make my head look bigger?

I'm thinking of getting a haircut, my hairs midlength now and straight, would above shoulder hair make it look bigger or smaller? Bangs? Layering? Angled? I'm trying to make it look bigger because my head is pretty small for my body.What kind of haircut would make my head look bigger?
You'd better ask your stylist to shaggy inside of your hair, especially on top. The hair style does not matter, just ask her / him to shaggy inside! Your hair can volume!What kind of haircut would make my head look bigger?
I would try shoulder length and a cut with just enough bangs to gel back. The act of pushing the bangs back and up will create a more dramatic and business woman style. It should also bring out your facee more. I am not sure you really want your head to look larger. Remember the 1980s? Big hair will make your whole head look larger, but big hair isn't the answer. Try instead, for a more prominent brow and more of your cheeks showing. You can get slightly angled bangs. Be sure to let the beautician know that your goal is to bring more attention to your brow and upper cheeks with volume focused at the front of the face pushing toward the back and up. Copy this post or, btter yet, describe it to your hair dresser and ask her to provide you with pictures of similar styles before you try it.
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