Sunday, February 12, 2012

What to say to a barber for a punk haircut?

I wanna have a punk haircut. Like long hair where the hair on the side is relatively larger than that of the front. But I have to cut it very short. So what should i tell my barber to do so that my hair will grow to be like that of a punk? Should I just tell him to keep the side hair longer than that of the front.. or is there anything else i need to say. Im pretty sure he doesnt know a thing about punk.What to say to a barber for a punk haircut?
If you have a friend whose haircut you like, ask him what barber he went to. Then go in with a picture (from the internet?) or a drawing of how you want it to look.What to say to a barber for a punk haircut?
Tell him exactly what you have just said here. You'd be surprised at what barbers know!!! After all, this is the place where all the gossip happens. Next time you walk past a hairdressers, pay attention to the women getting their hair done. Normally, they are all there having their monthly moan and groan to their friends while getting a shampoo or perm or whatever done... Mr Barber gets to hear all the goss...
then you go to a salon not a barber find a pic you wnat and bring it in to a SALON!!
just show him some pic

which kind of hair u want
i think it way better if you give him a picture of the kind of haircut you want so your sure he wont get it wrong...
Hey Joe make me look like a bum.
spice hair cut
Show him a picture.
Make d hell of my hair cut

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