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My 14 month old son is about to have his first haircut. What are some good ways to keep a lock of his hair?

I thought about putting it in a ziploc baggy to put in his baby book, but that doesn't look very nice.My 14 month old son is about to have his first haircut. What are some good ways to keep a lock of his hair?
You know those gadgets that you can buy to laminate documents and other items that you want to keep? They sell them I think at office supply places like Staples etc. and WalMart might even have them. I think they are just called ';laminators'; (you might check on the net for info.) I've known people laminate all kinds of keepsakes inside the special plastic casing that you use with a laminator. Lock of hair preserved airtight this way, ought to keep it from deteriorarting, and should preserve the color too. Just a suggestion.

I don't have any idea what they cost, but I believe there are places (probably, again, an office supply place) where they'll laminate something for you for a small charge.

Another idea I just had was to take two flat pieces of very clear plastic, lay the lock of hair between them. Run a bead of glue around the edges of the lower bit of plastic, then press the edges of the upper piece to it, flattening the two as tight as you can, to express all the air. Lay something heavy on top and let the glue set for about 48 hours. A do-it-yourself lamination job. If you're a mite handy with the sewing maching, you could cover the edges of the plastic with two strips of ribbon, stitched together, in a double line of stitching along both edges of the ribbon, encasing the edges of the plasticMy 14 month old son is about to have his first haircut. What are some good ways to keep a lock of his hair?
We have a place here that specializes in kid's haircuts and they do a bunch of stuff for the first one (certificate, lock of hair, before and after pictures, balloon, etc). They use hairspray to keep the hair together and then put it in a small plastic bag - like another poster mentioned about a jewelry bag. The hairspray really helps to keep it together :)
Look around craft stores and in the scrapbook section. I would suggest maybe looking for a small shadow box to keep it in.
Place it in a ziploc bag or an envelope.
get yourself some mod-podge and lay the hair how you want it in the book and use a foam brush and brush it on. this will dry clear and will preserve the hair for a lifetime. also try to do two or three coats and let dry each time. place a piece of wax paper on the back of the page you are putting the hair so it doesn't moisten the other pages..i dont think it will but just to be safe. good luck and happy holidays=)
My mother just took a lock of my hair and taped it in my baby book. I was surprised it actually stayed put. You're right, Ziploc baggies don't look very nice in a baby book. I like the ribbon idea too. Hope you find a solution.

Happy Holidays!
You can always keep it in an envelope for more of an elegant look instead of a Ziploc bag. But if you really want to do something big, put it in a shadow box, or locket, you won't be able to keep it in the baby book though.
You could tie a baby blue ribbon around a few locks of hair and then have the barber cut it.

I remember my mom doing something like that to me when I was a kid (red ribbon), it was for school for some reason...
If you really want to keep the hair I would still suggest a bag, you can get small jewelry bags at the craft store.It needs to be kept out of the air and humidity, baby hair that is just tied up with a ribbon will get very brittle and break apart. You could also put jewelry bag into a small silk bag if you want to make it look nicer. The other option is putting the lock of hair into a locket, which used to be very common. Hair on one side, picture on the other.
Wal-Mart has a gift set with baby's 1st piggy bank and a little book and stuff and also it has a little tin ';baby's 1st hair cut'; it's adorable and that's what I put my daughter's in.
you know how they seal papers, maybe you can with hair.
take a before pic an after picture and his favourite rattle,,and the biggest lock of his hair you can get. arrange them in a shadow box and hang them in his room.
Ditto on the ribbon.

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