Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I am getting a haircut and I want something different?

I'm a 23 year old guy and I am sick of the same old look. Not something spiked up such as the fohawk and definetly not the Zac Efron long haired look.I am getting a haircut and I want something different?
I personally like guys with a clean short cut and little little bit of bangs goin over their forehead :)I am getting a haircut and I want something different?
Different is relative to what you now have which we have not been informed. A good barber can design a regular taper cut or one of the short pomp styles-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- to fully suit most guy's head shape, face and neck shape, frontal hairline and facial features.


regular taper cut:


ivy league(long crew cut):



Some barbers describe an ivy league as a crew cut just long enough to be parted and combed to the side if so desired. An ivy league can also be worn with the hair brushed up off the forehead to form the short pomp front or with the short bangs brushed down on the forehead like a forward brush cut.

crew cut:


Basic Short Cuts:






Grooming any of the short pomp styles- crew cut, ivy league, flat top crew cut- is basically the same and takes about a minute or two.

1) Towel dry hair.

2) Barely dip fingertips in jar of wax.

3)Transfer wax to palms.

4) Smooth palms over hair.

5)Brush hair off forehead to form short pomp front.

Might also take a look at the short, medium and celebrity galleries at the haircuts for men site. Whichever style you decide on, be sure to take a photo to help describe the desired haircut to the barber or stylist.

Good Luck!

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