Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do u know about latest hair styles which are in fashion?

strait...with side bangs.....wavy (large curling iron wavy, not naturally wavy)with side bangsDo u know about latest hair styles which are in fashion?
For gents - navy cut with brisly cover. For ladies - overdo with curls. To know the latest trend, visit a beauty parlour.Do u know about latest hair styles which are in fashion?
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straight layered hair..or side swept bangs!

Shows you all the trends!
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The bob is returning.....but if you like thoses long locks i would personally go for long layers,and a side fringe.But you really must consider your face shape,depending on the style,if you have a very round face you ar probablys better off with just past the shoulder length hair,and a few layers with no bangs.If you have a large forehead go for a wispy side fringe,and if its oval any hairstyle will suite you.
Layerd straight hair!!! it works for me
Actually the olden hair styles are now in fashion .What ever hair styles are the latest are from the olden times.OLD IS GOLD!!!
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