Thursday, January 5, 2012

What are the latest hair styles for long hair?

layers short or long prererably short, also puffs look prettty, and maybe a high ponytail and straighten the ponytail if your hair is

curly and straighten your bangs as well and do them to the side and and a cute hair ribbon if you wantWhat are the latest hair styles for long hair?
for fancy, down with big, lazy curls, for sporty, up in a high ponytail with a super skinny headband.

casual? down or partly up, or braided.What are the latest hair styles for long hair?
Ponytails (low on back of head), parted slightly to one side.
Layred, Highlighted, up, down, Bun, Half pony, Curled, Wave at the bottom. Almost anything looks good. Try new things. That is what I did and sooner or later you'll find something that looks good and works.
I use those banna clips for my sisters hair to make a frohawk. she also wears a humpty doo ( hump) with the back pinned in a side ponytail, the old school mod look, u can also wear it flat, water fall curls, a braided mohawk, i also like to do the whole messy thing with my sisters hair.sometimes u just have to play with your hair
Stuck in a car door.

Ha ha, I am a RIOT today!

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