Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is Rihanna's latest hair style for me?

I have long wavy hair, big eyes, chubby cheeks, round face and short neck :-( ! Do u think it would look nice on me or should I keep my long hair?Is Rihanna's latest hair style for me?
You should try it, the length of Rihanna's haircut will make your face look more slender, and your neck longer. The long hair is also harder to take care of than the short look, and it gives you more split ends. So basically- They short hair will give you a more clean, yet edgy look, that will make you look more slender. Good luck! %26lt;3Is Rihanna's latest hair style for me?
i think you shoiuld try it
Hair long
ask your hair stylist!
It'll just make you look fat.

Stick with what you have.
wow you sound just like me...anyways, no I don't think so. That kind of cut will just accentuate your round face, it's better for someone with a long, gaunt face. Long, flowy, layered hair in a side part would work better for you.
well, if ur face is round, the best style 4 u is side swept bangs and short hair(depends O_o)!

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