Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is the latest hair style now?

my hair is ugly,i want to have a new hairstyle

thanksWhat is the latest hair style now?
MulletWhat is the latest hair style now?
It's been called the LOB. The long bob. Think Gwyneth Paltrow's new look. It's sleek but very versatile.

Find pictures here:
I see a lot of people with side swept bangs (short and/or long)..they seem to work with all types of shapes (round face, long face etc).

My sis and I both have them (she has heart shaped face and I have a round one) and it looks good on both of us.

Layers is a good look also.
Don't worry about what the latest hairstyle is right now. Go to a really good salon and ask them what would look best with your face/style. They'll make it look way better than whatever the latest fad is.
I've seen a lot of hair cuts where it's short in the back and long in the front. I think it looks pretty, until they start getting into hair extensions that look like dead animals...
long sidebangs, normal bangs, long hair, razor cut hair and bobs

and of course, blonde is in. but unless you want to look like another blonde clone i wouldn't do it
See your hair dresser and talk it over with her. Most hair dressers go to hair shows and are very up to date with what is in style.
razor cuts

long sidebangs


just ask the stylist what the latest styles are right now and they'll bring out a magazine for you :]
THE Best hair style is short and edged, like Victoria Beckham
sleek and straight, natural colors

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