Thursday, January 5, 2012

Latest hair styles..?

can anyone give me some websites where i can see the latest hair styles at the minute because i get my hair done on thursday and really dont know how to get it done! Latest hair styles..?
Get something simple but beautiful like these girls!




and angled side bangs (: your a shoe in to be a top hottie with this dew.

trust me ;]Latest hair styles..?
there is the bob haircuts i was thinking about getting my hair that way but i preferably dont want my hair short. OHH And heres a website that i found

click on the red box that says';click here for more'; and a new window should pop up showing a slide show

i hope this helps!
ok forget the net

nip down to a superdrug or shop of anykind

and buy a hair mag

they are a GOD send


and you can show the hairdresser and leave le mag after for others

Go to photobucket. And when you go to search pictures put in what you're kinda looking for (ie: short hair, long layers)

Good luck ';D

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