Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is the latest hair style trend?

curly straight

or what?

xxWhat is the latest hair style trend?
Its straight with Gazillion layers.

Like a bob at the top with staright bits coming from the bottom. PPl are putting in longs extensions and stuff. but dont go with the trend, it will soon finish and u'd be cursing urself. :D gd luck xWhat is the latest hair style trend?
Being independent and retro is in style, do what others are not doing to get attention, however, you should try too keep it in good taste! Lots of hairstyles seen today in magazines look like hair from the 1940ies to 1950ies, experiment with fashions from this era. :)
curl is coming back but it can be wavy or a soft curl.

shor straight hair with a little bit texturise look will be on top soon.

Pixie crop.....and Assymetric bob

Find the next season trend on fashion magazines,catwalk shows,hollywood stars......
I don't know

I'm worried about my partning!

Apparently middle parnings coming back in

I hope crimping does ha I love crimping my hair, but curly never goes out!

Keep it straight for the time being but curly for snuggly winter days!

Works everytime
Look at the celebs. What are they tending to do with their hair. Most fashion victims go for their look and that becomes the trend for fashion in the salons.
Curly and Straight hair never go out of style.

But it shouldn't matter what is in style, as long as you think your hair is cute, then it's in style.

Merry Christmas!

Straight bob.
i think straight is in but also wavy hair is really in too not really curly just like a beachy kind of wave : )
mohawk, duh
straight bob
Well any hair style with a beanie :]


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