Thursday, January 5, 2012

Umm... what r the latest hair styles!!?

help!!Umm... what r the latest hair styles!!?
if you haven't noticed long hair is in-- and yes, with layers and tiny sidebangs. As for me i am tired of this trend. I have short hair with sidebangs and im gonna get it stacked in the back. Short hair is different and i go for something diff!

so experiement and i'd suggest trying something no one else has.Umm... what r the latest hair styles!!?
I had longer hair just like everybody else!! You know side bangs.... etc.

Well, I got so sick of blowdrying it, and so I cut it.

I cut it in a bob w/ several layers,, and I can either wear it straight, or use a curling iron,, and put some fun sexy curls in it,, and just take my fingers and mess w/ it.

Soooo easy,, and I have had several compliments. After I cut it,,, I have been noticing how many people have short hair.

It will be to my shoulders in no time,, if I decide to go it back out... Shorter hair grows faster,,, not to mention how much healthier it is now!!!

Go for it,, cut it in a short feels so much cooler.
Don't cut your hair... Long hair is the trend now!!!!
theres always the boring layers with sidebangs that EVERYONE has but i say be original and just have fun with your hair i mean it grows back
i wear mine either down and straight or up in a pony tail
there isnt a style its what you want. EVERYTHING IS IN.

long hair,curly hair,straight,short,wavy,short,bob cut,

goood luck

the only thing thats out iss crimped hair!!

thats wayyyy out

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