Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What haircut would look good on an oval face shape?

I have an oval face shape and I want a new haircut. Right now my hair is pretty long and I have a few layers but most of them are grown out. I want to get some sidebangs maybe some blended in ones like Jamie Lynn Spears. And maybe more layers?? Please include picture.

Thanks!What haircut would look good on an oval face shape?
A very short perm would suit you .What haircut would look good on an oval face shape?
Oval-shaped face

You're lucky - this is the kind of face shape that suits just about any hairstyle. Both long and short hair cuts look great on you, as your face shape is well balanced. The chin and forehead of an oval face shape are in even proportion.

Avoid covering up your perfect face shape with heavy bangs or wearing your hair on your face. You'll lose your face shape and it may add weight to your face.

oval face means equal proportion which means practically any hair style ll suit u. visit this link it has an article and pictures on what hair styles ll suit oval faces and other face shapes as well.
You're lucky, every hairstyle looks good on oval ^^ ;)
I've been told that oval-shaped faces look good with any hair-cut.
Very short would suit you best,have it cut with clippers short back and sides !
Very Short .

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