Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have you ever gone for a Haircut and come out looking stupid?

I went for a haircut yesterday to some expensive place. I wanted it trimming but still long. She made so many mistakes it like really short. She got the mirror out to show me the back and its all wonky. I refused to pay her and walked out. It looks grap.Have you ever gone for a Haircut and come out looking stupid?
Yes, I asked for a very light, wavy perm once, for my long dark hair, and came outta the salon looking like one of the Jackson5 in their heyday. Had to have it all cut off. Go to a salon you trust (or one that is recommended) and get it sorted out. It will grow back.Have you ever gone for a Haircut and come out looking stupid?
yeah, I was trying to repair my haircut but it got worst
yes and its even worse the guy you fancy at school telling you your hair looks sh*t.
yes, i know how u feel
i look stupid before i go in and after i come out
I have given up going to hairdressers as everytime I have been I have come out furious. Once they permed my hair and I refused to pay as it was sofrizzy I couldn't do anything with it for months.
Hey it could be worse..... did you see the episode of Friends where Phoebe offers to cut Monica's hair, Monica says she wants a Demi Moore haircut and Phoebe who gets a bit confused with who she actually is gives Monica a Dudley Moore haircut (rather short). It is hillarious!

A small consolation is your hair will grow back quick and your next cut can only be better.
Oh, yeah. I'd go back, and make someone else fix it up for you. Well, you didn't pay, so that may be an issue. I am sorry this happened. When it has happened to me, I get so mad. I go back and forth to the mirror, just pissed. So, I hope your hair grows fast.
yeah, that happend to me.. i was madd, i told the lady to leave the length, and she cut off 4 inches.. AND gave me weird uneven bangs. so yeahh. i know what you're talking about.

its good you didn't pay
buy a wig................
i think u made the right decision!

i now have a fear of having it cut so i just get my mate to cut my fringe (she wont cut or even trim the rest of my hair in case she goes wrong) and my hair is nearly down to my butt am gonna have to bite the bullet i know but am dreading it going to the hairdressers is worse than going to the dentist for me
happened to me but i got people in the street stopping me and asking me where i got it done! I was like, you are taking the mick!
yes yes and yes, at least you had the guts to say your not paying. i once got my hair cut so badly like 2'; long i cryed for a week and swore i would never get it cut again, i didnt for two years. now i got that stupid posh spice bob, you know, the one every one has!!! big mistake.
are you kidding?i've been there so many times haha
COR!! what i wouldnt give to come back from the hairdressers with a stoopid hair cut........i got no hair. be thankfull . i have to look very silly 24/7.
yep it happens. mke sure you dont get a trainee-looking one, then it cant be so bad next time lol!
yes look at me!.
everybody has had a bad haircut at least you didnt pay.
The short answer to your question is ';yes I have indeed gone in for a haircut and come out looking stupid.'; What I have finally figured out is that jsut because you spend a lot of money for a haircut there is no guaratee that it is going to be a good one. After bouncing around from one shop to another I have finally found someone who does a great job cutting my hair the way I want it cut. Moreover this is not an elite shop of any kind and so I don't pay a huge price for the haircut. Since I have become a regular customer I now call in advance and make an appointment so I literally walk in, sit down and walk out. I suggest you try a few places and if you find someone you like stick wtih them even if they are not associated with some trendy salon.
Show us a picture please!
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