Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How can i give myself a haircut?

what's the best way to ensure that when i cut my hair myself, the bottom will be straight across? tips and directions!How can i give myself a haircut?
your stupid. Get somebody else to do it or else your going to regret it.How can i give myself a haircut?
Wet your hair and comb it straight. Stand parallel to a large mirror in front of a sink. Hold a hand-mirror in front of you, using your non-dominant hand. Bend slightly backwards so your locks fall onto the sink. Cut your hair across with your dominant hand. Comb your hair straight again. Trim uneven ends.

Flexibility helps.
Okay. I would straighten my hair. I mean, get it stick straight! Gel the place you're going to cut so that it won't move around while you try to cut it (or you can get it wet). Then, I would stand parallel to a mirror. Don't use a handheld mirror- at an angle, you might just get a weird angle and cut your hair unevenly. If it comes out uneven and you HATE it, then hack up random pieces of hair. It'll give a messy I Did It On Purpose look. Good luck!
if you do it yourself, it may look correct in the mirror but in a actuality it will be way off. Try to find a friend thats good with their hands or someon that cuts there own hair or just go in a place i mean i have got a good haircut for 7$ before. dont do it, like everyon says you will regret it. Infact i tried to cut my side hair and it looked alright but now it doesnt and i realllllyyy regret it PLEASE DONT DO IT :(
It wouldn't be straight across if you try to do it yourself. If you want layers go for it, but don't try to make it look perfect. You need a professional for that :)
Scissors. Braiding your hair first keeps the length just where you want it. I did that for my little sister.
a mirror may help
oh my godness PLEASE do not cut your own hair. you will SOOOO regret it. been there, done that, DON'T WANT TO GO BACK.
U.h.... ... Dont do it yourself

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