Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How much should you tip for a haircut?

I pay 16 dollars for a regular haircut / trim... without shampooing. My haircut usually takes about 10 minutes. If the guy can knock out 4 haircuts an hour that's a pretty nice chunk of change.. why do I feel the need to tip on top of that?How much should you tip for a haircut?

Average tip: 15 percent of total cost (post-tax).

Exceptional circumstances: If a stylist conquers a last-minute hair crisis or fits you in on a busy Saturday, tip $3 to $5 more.

Things to consider: In major metropolitan areas, it is customary to tip salon owners who cut your hair, too.How much should you tip for a haircut?
Depends on where you go...I say 10 percent!
is your stylist a booth renter or does he get paid commission? depending on the service received you should at least pay 10 or more percent . if he does some thing extra and doesnt charge you give him extra on top of that . thanks for tipping we hairstylists do appreciate it , oh by the puppy zwolle you are a cheap butthead
I tip mine about 2 dollars, depending on how satisfied I am. I pay $12 for a regular haircut and they do a decent job for that cost. I used to go elsewhere, pay $20 and it'd be a ripoff!

You're supposed to tip them because it's common courtesy.
For a good cut and style I usually tip 2-5 depending on what time they take to doing it. If it's a color or perm I usually tip 5-10 again depending on how good they are.
15 to 20 % depending on the service and your satisfaction
You tip for the extra service.. the talk, or the silence if you prefere that. If you are happy with the person, you tip. For the job you pay the fee.

How much? I have no clue. I never tip. I hate everybody who wants my money. Make it a buck, 2 if you are very happy. Don't bother thinking about 1.60$ Make it round numbers.

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