Saturday, February 11, 2012

How old was your child for their first haircut?

I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and her hair is finally just about to her shoulders. I've only had to trim her bangs a tiny bit, but she's a cutie.. When did your child need that first haircut?How old was your child for their first haircut?
Just a month after her 2nd birthday. I got it cut because it was fairly uneven at the bottom, but mainly because hair brushing had turned into a nightmare. I was chasing her around the house with a hairbrush while she screamed and even tried to hide from me sometimes - and I was really gentile with her.

We took her hair from about should blade length to a ';short bob';. It's really cute. It looks better and is much easier to manage. It was a very good decision. We were sad to lose ponytails and pigtails, but she can still wear cute barrettes.How old was your child for their first haircut?
With my boys - they each got their hair cut around 12 months old. My daughter is almost 18 months and I don't plan on getting it cut. She was born with tons of hair and hasn't lost any of it. It is down to her shoulders now - all the way around. I don't want to cut it and give her bangs b/c I remember what a PAIN they are! So, we'll see. I'm thinking maybe when she's 2 we'll finally go and get it cut. We'll see!
For my oldest it was 3 years. At the time we were living in Israel (for my work) and orthodox Jews dont cut a young boy's hair until he is 3. Its a big celebration when they do cut it. I was told by a rabbi that it has to do with a biblical reference. I am not Jewish but I went along with the local custom.... and i kept it going with my other kids.
3 years. Yep...everyone thought we were crazy for waiting so long and her hair was past her behind, but I dreaded the first haircut visit. We went to this really cute place called Kidz Cuts. It was bright, every station had a TV and there were lollipops and cookies to bribe the kids to sit in the chair!!

Good Luck!
My daughter was born with a ton of hair! LOL! She needed her hair cut when she was 1. Had to trim away all the ';baby'; hair! LOL! Her hair is curly, so it wasn't until she was three that it actually had any length to it :)
My daughter was born with a lot of hair, her first haircut/trim was when she was 6 weeks old. Her bangs were in her eyes, she got all of the ends trimmed.
8 months, but don't cut her hair unless you are sure that is what you want.
My daughter turned 2 March 31st and she just got her first hair cut 2 weeks ago.
I waited until my son was 17 months old and had a serious mullet before I finally had to take him in for his first cut. He did surprisingly well too. Didn't cry at all. But I did! =)
Probably whenever there hair is really long! Don't Rush It:)
I only have my girls bangs cut. They both needed them trimmed around 18 months.
ask her!

i hated my hair cut be sure she wants it too. =]

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