Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where to get a good cheap haircut in the Netherlands?

I want to get a bob, nothing too special, but I've heard all sorts of horror stories about haircuts in the Netherlands and I can't afford to blow 45eur on a haircut. Someone recommended kappersakademie but I don't know about that. Those of you living in zuidholland, where do you go for haircuts?Where to get a good cheap haircut in the Netherlands?
This question was asked recently for Amsterdam and contains some good links: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;

Anyway, I now also live in Zuid Holland, basically I would say the same as before - ie to just check out local hairdressers. All of them will be able to a bob without a problem.

One thing though, as I mentioned before - if you don't speak Dutch fluently, then I would urge caution (unless you are pretty relaxed about what you will end up with). Make sure what you can explain what cut you want, and that the hairdresser at least understands - just to avoid a disaster (which is a lot more expensive to correct!). That's the key to avoid a horror story - be clear, ensure the hairdresser understands, and watch what is going on.

You don't mention exactly where you live and so it's hard to advise as Zuid Holland is a pretty big area - but if it's Leiden/Den Haag where a lot of expats live, then you should find the English issue less of a problem..Where to get a good cheap haircut in the Netherlands?
That was really helpful, thank you!

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