Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can a custodial parent legally do anything about non-custodial parent getting childs haircut?

Daughter wants her haircut, mother doesnt, but mother doesn't take care of it daughter does.Can a custodial parent legally do anything about non-custodial parent getting childs haircut?
I doubt there is a legal precedent out there that speaks directly to haircutting, but the best thing to do to keep everything civil is discuss it first with the other parent. Chances are, unless they are a very underhanded person, they will agree. If that doesn't work, however, talk to your child, (depending on the age). Otherwise, let it go. Hair will grow back, but hurt feelings from family fights rarely do, especially for your child.Can a custodial parent legally do anything about non-custodial parent getting childs haircut?
How old is the daughter????

If she is a teenager, the best thing to do is to come to a compromise.

Go halfway with the length, or if the daughter also wants to dye (often they do), then she gets to pick one or the other. If the color is too extreme, same thing, go somewhere in the middle.
OMG this is just like my ex husband and I, His mother my ex mother in law butchers my daughter hair by doing it herself. Even though i take my daughter to the hairdressers!! wow i shall be watching this question. I wish i knew then answer myself so i could stop her my daughter is only 4 so she doesnt know any different yet
Legally they cant do anything about it but the real issue here is it is the childs hair, the child takes care of it and the child wants it cut. If it is not a religion thing why the mother refuses to get it cut then go get some hairstyle magazines and let your daughter pick out a few she likes and then sit down like two adults and talk to the mother about it. Your daughter needs to explain why she wants it cut so it doesnt seem like it is you pushing her to do it. As a mom I hated it when my 10 year old wanted her hair cut off but she showed me how she wanted it and it was a cute haircut so eventually her and dad won and I gave in. If your daughter has really long hair she can also say she is getting it cut to give to Locks Of Love where they use the hair to make wigs for kids with cancer. Last resort would be to just go get it done. Once it is cut it is cut and it is hair and will grow back but you have to deal with the ex till it does.
Why does this sound more like a battle amongst parents who cant get along than a child with a bad hair do?

When I hear language like this, the first three words that come to my mind are PARENTAL ALIENATION SYNDROME, someone is about to engage in that ugly tactic in this family dynamic, if one of you does not learn to PICK YOUR BATTLES, remember in elementary school, a touch, turns to a push, a push to a shove and shove to a fist a fist to a kick a kick to a knife a knife to gun a gun to a shovel... I ask you ,, where do you think bickering over a hair cut will lead to? which ever of you loves that child properly had better realize her hair cut is not the HILL UPON WHICH YOU WANT TO DIE! %26lt;metaphorically speaking%26gt;, ease back let it go and you will find when your child is combing your grand childs hair many many years from now, none of you will ever remember this day, unless you choose to win the battle over who has the last word on her hair ,,, Think about it!

';Children come here through us, not for us';

Sincerely yours
The custodial parent should be responsible for ensuring that the child is free to decide. It's her own hair!
Do a green mohawk.
As long as it is something nice and not a mowhawk dyed green or the head shaved then I would say it is fine
Ummm, it's hair... It grows back and everything. There are probably ';bigger fish to fry'; in your life than a haircut...
Unfortunately I don't think there is anything you can do legally.

You can of course give them a good talking to!

My MIL gave our daughter the dodgiest fringe in the history of fringes once! When my partner asked her why, she said it's coz her hair kept falling over her face.

After that, whenever we sent her to her grandma's house, we'd tie her fringe back so it was away from her face, and also to get the message through that there are other ways to go about it!

She never cut the hair again!
we cut my son's hair and his dad was going to take to court about it. it kind of depends on the parenting plan but the custodial parent makes the decisions.

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