Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What number should I use for this haircut?

I'm going for a shorter faux hawk look, I'm a guy with a round face shape, can someone help me? I am really unimaginative when it comes to those numbers. Thanks in advance!What number should I use for this haircut?
Are you talking about numbers on your clippers? If so you should know that those numbers vary by clipper brands and types. I know from personal experience when I do my husband's hair on our at home set it's a 5 and a 2. When I went to do someone else's on their set, I did a 3 and a 1 because they wanted it super short, and it came out looking like my husband's, which is styled so he can gel it nicely.

These two links will walk you through how to cut it, though I would have someone cut it for me so that way your back comes out evenly. Good luck though and I hope this helped you out!

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