Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have you ever gotten a big haircut to signify a change in your life?

If so, did you feel empowered, or did you regret it? How did others react?Have you ever gotten a big haircut to signify a change in your life?
Great question. After high school, I started dating this guy that I had a major crush on. Everything was going good until he looked at me one night and said ';baby, don't ever cut your hair. I think long hair makes a woman.'; :-| It really started bothering me. The next weekend I chopped my hair off. It was short and spikey...very cute. I met up with him and he was speechless. I DARED him to tell me it wasn't cute.

He thought it was the sexiest and sassiest cut he'd ever seen. He admired my bravery for doing it (my hair was long for a long time). My head felt lighter, my confidence shot through the roof, and I definitely felt empowered! (And I married the guy)Have you ever gotten a big haircut to signify a change in your life?
I did after graduation. I had a hectic high school experience and I felt it was the definition of fresh start. I did feel empowered and sexy. I regretted it at first because it was a big change. Others thought it was a good change. I wasn't predictable anymore and I loved it.
yup, i cut my hair short after a depressing stage and let it grow when i'm feeling great again.

i always ask for cuts that suit me so everyone loves my hair. that's actually the key. you have to love your new hair cut or else it will just make you feel worse.
Well i didn't cut my hair but i changed the hair color. I went from light brown with blonde highlights to black hair I LOVED IT!!! I did this after breaking up with my ex....best thing i ever did!!! If u r considering cutting ur hair u should do it!!!
no, that has never happened to me before

probably because i don't think the haircut is what is needed... but more on a change in views

I cut my hair ever time I feel depressed. It doesn't make me feel better, though. there have been years I came close to total baldness! ;)
you need a change of mindset.

nothingelse matter
Never done it before.
Britney Spears tried shaving her head and look wat happened...
Yep. It makes me feel a whole new person.

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