Saturday, February 11, 2012

How can i grow out a too short haircut?

My hair used to be just about shoulder length. I got it cut and its a bit too short. It's cut to my ear. And I don't like it. I want it to grow out quickly. Can anyone help?How can i grow out a too short haircut?
You cant make your hair grow any faster than it does, but you could always try putting in a cute clip at the side or something to make you feel more comfortable with it till it grows out!How can i grow out a too short haircut?
All you can do is to get some hair extensions until it grows back more
How can we help your hair to grow more quickly? It's impossible.

Think about having some extensions put in if you're that desperate!
How to grow how hair fast

-drink 8 glasses of water a day

-eat more veggies and fruits

-basically hair is made up of protein so eat alot of protein(its found in nuts, lean meat (fish,chicken ect)oatmeal...basically have a balanced diet

-jello has a lot of protein in it so eat jello or yogurt

- when you wash your hair deep condition it

-massage hair daily for five minutes (stimulation for hair...helps it grow a little)

- take pictures monthly to see the increase of growing

remeber what you eat determines how fast and how long your hair is
Extensions can do it.

but if you get it trimmed slightly a couple times, then it will grow quicker. but you mainly need to be patient
You can go to a hairdresser that uses hair extensions that is the only way you cannot force your hair to grow quicker than it normally does
Only thing you can do is wait for the hair to grow back. In the meanwhile, you can use some little clips, or try flipping your hair out at the ends. You can buy any hair putty to do that. is your middle name isnt it..go on admit it....
sorry there is no way to grow your hair quicker....keep eating vitamin e though it makes hair grow back glossier and sleeker.......if your desperate but do-it-yourself extensions from claires.......they are not expensive but come in all sorts of styles like straight wavy and curly......and they are easy to put in at home
use a lengthening or streghtening shampoo %26amp; take vitamins
It will grow fast, but you won't think it's fast since you want it to grow. Taking vitamins and using good products on your hair will keep it healthy so the roots will grow. Eat healthy and take vitamins and it will grow.

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